Hey guys! So this is my first post, and I thought I'd write about a recent dessert I have made: cheesecake! Last week my friend Cynthia and I were bored, and decided to make it. It actually turned out really well. It started with a graham cracker crust, then a chocolate layer, cookie dough, and finally the actual cheese cake. It was even good enough to be served to my family on Christmas Eve! By the way... may as well add that if you have extra graham crackers, they taste extremely good dipped in the chocolate batter. Oh and I recommend making a giant cookie out of the extra cookie dough :P This was a Paula Deen website that we found on the Food Network website. I'll post the link to it below(:
Our finished product, decorated with strawberries :)

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    Hey guys, it's Kayla. I'm going to start posting about some foods I make! Enjoy(:


    January 2012